Ford-SCAN is fully FORD compliant PC-based scan tool designed to connect to a PC's USB port. It can read and clear manufacturer specific trouble codes and it has with ability to read all the manufacturer specific sensor data in real-time. F-scan works with a software ( see support / software - formidable ) Processor : 90c2610 FORD Protocols : FORD (CAN) FORD (SCP) FORD (ISO9141) KA 1.3i FIESTA 1.4i FUSION 1.4i FIESTA 1.6i FUSION 1.6i FOCUS 1.6i MONDEO 2.0i FOCUS cmax 1.6i FOCUS vct 1.6i FOCUS cmax vct 1.6i FOCUS ghia 1.6 FUSION 1.4 TDCI FIESTA 1.4 TDCI FOCUS cmax 1.6 TDCI FOCUS 1.6 TDCI FOCUS 1.8 TDCI TRANSIT connect 1.8 TDCI TRANSIT 185 MONDEO 2.0 TDC