VCI cushion materials is a kind of new-type antirust product developed by our company recently,which not only has the cushion function performed by general PE high foaming materials but also provide with antirust protection for a lot of metal is extensively used for the antirust ,anticollision,anti-shock and anti-wear packaging of electronic elements,precision apparatus,instruments and measuring tools and metal products with edges and sharp corners. Features/Advantages: 1 High-performance VCI is uniformly contained in the interior of the cushion materials and will begin to gasify and play the antirust effects after being packed in the material. 2 Even if the material does not contact the metal directly, it can effectively perform the function of antirust, so it is especially applicable to metal products with complex appearance. 3 The material has functions of both antirust and packaging. 4 The material is clean, harmless and non-toxic, so it is safe to environment.It passes SGS certification and meets RoHS directives.