Plastic container heating manual edge bonding machine Key Specifications/Special Features: Length calculation according to the porkpies. Manual edge banding machine. Application straight edge irregular curve. Machine size: 1180x30x1150mm. Net weight 192kg. Length calculation according to the work piece. Pulley level 3 speed. This machine seals large-scalar equipment in the side machine, Multiple functional, Can finish the facing straightly type the dimorphism seals the transport in the side Apply the glue Cut off On a lever with one from beginning to end From head to foot By repairing It is repaired that precise from head to foot to the side Shave the side from head to footman great deal of processes, such as polishing, etc. Originally adopt and apply the glue device two-sidedly, Make sideband and base material apply the glue evenly. Because this machine adopts And import advanced high quality electric appliance part and imports the electrical machinery, Utilize frequency conversion to control, Enable sending and realizing the staples speed regulation with the glue axle, Thus got the best speeds of sealing the side of various kinds of panel and satisfactory processing surface.