Callback auto dialer Telephone autodialler manufacturers -TD125 Callback auto dialer a very good partner for callback calling card. Convenient: The callback auto dialer makes the process of making a callback call the same as call through direct PSTN line. Users do not need to change the dialing habit. Auto adding local code for local calls. Working with extra power supply, very stable. Great capacity:TD125 can store up to 8 groups of 62-digit calling card numbers. Easy Programming:Dialers can be programmed manually using the keypad of telephone set. Auto Reroute: Local/long distance/IDD calls with certain prefix numbers can be rerouted to corresponding calling cards automatically. Auto local code adding: Users do not have to dial local code for local calls using callback card. Ending Code attachment:The auto dialer can add end code # automatically after the destination number IVR and DTMF Tone Detection mode:IVR and DTMF tone can be detected in each step. It can assure the speed and stability of the connection. Adjustable Dialing Speed:Users can adjust the dialing time, interval time and waiting time of each step to get the fast available speed. Ring and Dialing Tone Detect Function:This function can avoid problems like sending out false number and disconnection when answering call. Temporary Bypass:It would bypass all the gateways set in the auto dialer and use traditional telecommunication service temporarily when add a # before a destination number. Large Activation/Bypass/Intercept/Block/Delete code:It is useful for different requirements. System password:Dialer can be set 4-digit system password for data lock. Remote Programming:Dialers can be programmed remotely through PSTN line.