(J*****) Tel:0086-452-6166167 Fax:0086-452-6166200 our email box is J***** Email: J***** Web: ***** English Name: Huperzia Serrate Latin Name: Lycopodium serratum Thunb Product Specification: Huperzine A 1%-99% source: Lycopodium serratum Thunb test metod: hplc Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction Plant Part Used: Aerial parts Function: Huperzine A has potent pharmacological effects and, particularly since long-term safety has not been determined, it should only be used with medical supervision. It may have some effectiveness in Alzheimer's disease and age-related memory impairment. It has been used to treat fever and some inflammatory disorders, but there is no credible scientific evidence to support these uses. Packing Type: Vacuum plastic bags,2.5kg/bags,10kg/carton,20kg/carton,25kg/carton.