CD-R, 120mm,SilverSilver,52X,700MB80min printable CD-R, 120mm,52X,700MB80min CD-RW,A Grade,120mm,1X-12X,700MB80min DVD-R, 120mm,8X,4.7GB120min within three colors logo. DVD-R, 120mm, 8X, 4.7GB120min, Printable Double Sided DVD-R, 120mm,12cm,8X,9.4GB240min DVD-R, 120mm,16X,4.7GB120min within three colors logo. DVD-R, 120mm, 16X, 4.7GB120min, Printable DVD-RW,120mm,4X,4.7GB120min DVDR Dual Layer 8X 240min8.5GB JEAKA A SOURCE OF CREATIVITY. Other than manufacture,research, and development of industry products, we also concentrate on trading and sales. Our products include Auto parts, Machinery, IT amp electronics ,LED amp Lighting, Hotel Supplies, Gift amp Craft, Security series, Power supply. We are also glad to providing optimized solution to customers on industry field. To meet the requirements of the most discerning of customers, we produce new products continuously and new technology is applied periodically. From design to after-sales service, customers would be convenient with our one-stop service.