HID Projectorfeatures: Hi-low xenon project light is a new mode headlight which combine oval reflector with convex imaging theory, it can be switched the Hi and low light by the electromagnetic drive. Safe and reliable features, novel appearance matching with the exquisite angel eyes decoration, make your headlight more shining and cool. The low beam clear distinguishes the light and shadow parts with obvious dividing line, What is the legal excellent light shape and will be soft to vehicle and passerby. In the middle of high beam shadow, There is a focus block which can make more brightness and further irradiation. HID Projector Differences: Angel Eyes Added Decorative Cover outside the CCFL, the Angel Eyes effect will make to the same as Original BMW The angel eyes cover will protect the CCFL, Greatly reduces the risk of the CCFL cracked while fixing and transporting. The material of angle eye made of special light material, with better light condition, and the width of CCFL is wider then before, you will see a whole cycle of light from this product, no blame angle, CCFL work perfect. In the middle of angel eyes and lens have Steel Strap; you can even see the light of angel eyes while open the headlights, which is the same as Original BMW. Light Shadow and Light Shape Adjusted the parabolic reflector and dark slide to HELLA Original, cause to a long anti-Z font, the light well-distributed than before version, better lighting effect. Basis on the 3rd generation, two quads is combined to one wiring harness, easier for installation. Separated the angle eyes control box out of the retractable quad, reduce the defective rate, avoiding whole quads changed once angel eyes control box problem. The HID bulb Tube is used our most high quality ones, defective rate as high as 0.1%. Version B add beautiful dimples basined one version A. 3 LED daytime light is on each side of the lens, become more personate, like a beautiful angel with lovely dimples. Beside, this is fit to Europe Market requirement of LED Daytime Running Light, that is energy saving, environmental protecting, and driving safety. utility range 1.work with the original auto headlight 2.Re-installation H4 headlight Product parameter 35W D2S/R,H1,H3,H4,H7,H13,9005,9006 Bulb mode: 35W D2S/R, H1, H3, H4, H7, H13, 9005, 9006 3000K,4300K,6000K,8000K,10000K Color temperature: 3000k, 4300k, 6000K, 8000K, 10000K Bulb life-span: ≈3000h Angel eyes power:3W Angel eyes Input voltage: 12V Angel eyes Life –span: 25000h HID Xenon Projector Lens Generation Three Upgrated SW 003PA Angel eyes color: Whit/Red/Blue/Purple/Green/Yellow/Cyan HID Projector Lens Generation One SW 003PA Advantages: 1. Go beyond the standard design, nearly double bright light. Ultra-long-range beam: 2. 2.5-inch lens with large reflective bowl design, highlighting its beautiful and generous: 3. Exquisite angel eye changes with seven colors of the rainbow seemed to be especially beautiful infinity: 4. Professional condenser designed to improve the light utilization, professional solution astigmatism problem: 5. Cathode tube angel eyes, high temperature, up to 20000 hours life: 6. Using electromagnetic pulse to promote space technology institutions, variable light speed: 7. EU regulations closing lines, light and shade clear, greatly enhance traffic safety: 8. Quick and easy installation of the structure, greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy.