Product Overview 1.Material: Random Polypropylene 2.Size: full 16mm through 160mm availability 3.Pressure Rating: 1.25MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.0MPa,2.5MPa 4.Colors:Light grey or white, pipe for cold water is marked with blue stripes, pipe for hot water is marked with red stripes.Other colors are also available upon request. 5.Form Supplied:4 meters straight length (all size) . Other forms are also available upon request. 6. Standard: GB/T 18742.2-2002 Advantages 1.High Temperature Resistance 2.Heat Preservation 3.Non-toxic 4.Corrosion Resistance 5.High Flow Capacity 6.Excellent Flexibility 7.Low Installation Costs. 8.Longevity 9.Recycled and Environment-friendly Applications 1.Cold and hot water supply. 2.Heating system including flooring heating, wall heating and radiant system. 3.Central air conditioning system. 4.Industrial liquids transportation. Properties 1.Specific Gravity, g/cm3, 20(C): 0.89~0.91 2.Tensile Strength, MPa: >=20 3.Modulus of Elasticity, N/mm2, 20(C): 800 4.Thermal Conductivity, w/m.k, 20(C): 0.23-0.24 5.Coefficient of Linear Expansion, mm/m.k: 0.14-0.16 6.Longitudinal Reversion, % , 135(C), 2h: