Function: 1. Charging for each kind of brand cell phone.( Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, LG, Blackbarry ,Iphone and so on). 2. Charging for digital equipments. For example: Digital camera, PDA, MP3, MP4, IPOD and so on. 3. Charging for the palmar game players. For example: SONY PSP, GBA and so on. 4. Charging for each kind of brand laptops (SONY, LENVON, NEC, IBM, SEMSUNG, BENQ, ASUS and so on). (1)Flexible Solar Panel(waterproof): can absorb solar energy not only on sunny day but even cloudy the same , 1W 5.7V 175mA (2) Charging output voltage: 6V, 19V (3) Maximal charging output current: 6V/300mA, 19V/150mA (4)Material: 600D nylon Specification:32x22x21cm Color: red, black, blue Components:1. Flexible solar panel (waterproof):1pcs 2.Power Box(Without battery):1pcs 3.Mobile phone adapters:9pcs 4.Mobile phone connector wire :1pcs 5.USB connector wire:1pcs Notes: If there is no sunshine for a long time, disposable daily battery will be changed to work instead . The style is user-friendly , safe and novel, and it goes for a variety of Mountain Bicycles, Racing Bicycles and XC-CROSS Country etc.You can easily get to charging problems wherever.