eGO-T Components: 1. Battery: 2pcs 2. Tank Atomizier: 2pcs 3. Tank Cartridge: 5pcs 4. Power adapter: 1pc 5. USB charger: 1pc 6. Gift packing: 1pc 7. User manual: 1pc Specifications: 1. Battery Specification: 88*¢14mm (1100mAh) 73*¢14mm(650mAh) 2. E-ciggarette Specification(1100mAh): 135*¢14mm 3. E-ciggarette Specification(650mAh): 120*¢14mm --------------------------------------------------------------------- Parameters: 1. Capacity of the battery: 1100mAh/650mAh 2. Battery input power: 4.2Voltage 3. Battery output power: 3.3-4.2Voltage 4. One pc of fully charged battery lasts for: 800-850puffs (900mAh) 600-650puffs (650mAh) 5. Recommended charging time: 4hours for 1100mAh battery 3hours for 650mAh battery 6. Battery serviceable life: ≥300 times Features: 1. Long battery life and superior vapor production 2. Battery capacity comes up to 1100mAh 3. Tank system, Unique design expressing a fashional and quality life.