Multi-function telephone dialer alarm system T70 The Multi-function telephone dialer alarm system is one of the "Patrol Hawk" Telephone dialer alarm systems series, it is using the PSTN data transmit model and the voice function platform to achieve the intelligent data teletransmission and the controling of alarming is based on the line telephone, this host have integrated the household intelligent function for the house, shop, office etc., the PSTN communication network is universal used, so this alarm panel can be widely used for the families, Residential properties, electricity, transportation, petroleum, coal, railway, municipal administration, public security office and some other line's security systems. System description This alarm host is using the PSTN communication network platform to realize remote alarming transmission and controlling, the system can be armed by the set format of user, when the sensors detect the intruder signal and transmit the alarm signal to the main panel, after the host dispose the signal and auto-dial the preset phone numbers, from the 1-6 group to start the voice alarming and can monitoring the spot, the user can use the telephone to arm/disarm the alarm host. The Specifications are: 1. 2 wired zones, 48 wireless zones, 1 relay out function. 2. Can remote listen-in and check the exact alarm zone. 3. 6 number for call alarm phone number. 4. Can set the timing arm, timing diarm and timing partial arm. 5. Using the keyboard on the main panel, remote controller, telephone keyboard and set the time this four model to set the arm/ partial arm/ disarm( need input the password when using the keyboard to disarm) 6. High speed digital of communication, can transmit the datum to alarm centers. 7. The host with touch keyboard, can do every programming. 8. With LCD displayer and with the blue backlight touch keyboard, it is convenient and easy for your operation. 9. The time of ring can be set. 10. Can set/ cancel the wire cuting alarm function. 11. There will change to the backup battery when the lose of external power. 12. Support the wireless doorbell. 13. Can check whether the door/windows has been closed with voice reminder. 14. It can used as a telephone. Packing List of the Standard Package: 1. Main panel 2. Wireless PIR sensor 3. Door/window magnetic contact 4. Two wireless remote controllers 5. External siren 6. Power supplier 7. Wireless doorbell 8. User manual 9. Guarantee card.