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Www Anfiber Com
Nick Name: Anfiber
Country: China
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www anfiber com, Anfiber company is one of the largest manufacturers of Passive Optical Components and Active optoelectronic components products in the world, as a professional optical device manufac... Read More
www anfiber com, Anfiber company is one of the largest manufacturers of Passive Optical Components and Active optoelectronic components products in the world, as a professional optical device manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. The Company designs, manufactures and markets Opto-Mechanical Switches, MEMS Optical Switches, MagLight Switches, Optical Protection Device, Broadband Light Source, Circulators, optic Isolators, collimator, PLC Splitter/Fused Coupler/AWG, WDM/CWDM/DWDM/OADM, fiber optic connectors and other fiber optic components and systems. our factory is in Shenzhen, China, Welcome to visit our factory. Please enter the keyword of Anfiber in Google to contact us. All our products are supplied with a commitment to quality and consistency performance ISO-9001 and RoHS compliant. Our product lines are focused on high end fiber optic technology and our explicit philosophy is to provide our customers with the highest quality solution available. We represent one of the most advanced suppliers in opto-electronics Products and Services by our company: Opto-Mechanical Switches Series: (in following single mode and multi-mode, Latching and Non-latching Fiber Optical Switches) 1x1 1x2 SM/MM Optical Switch, 1x1 1x2 Fiber Optical Switch, 1x1 1x2 Opto-mechanical Switch, 2x2 Optical Switch, 2x2 Wideband Optical Switch, 2x2 Bypass Optical Switch, 2x2 Bypass Optic Switch, Dual 1x2 Optical Switch, Dual 2x2 Optical Switch, Dual 2x2 Bypass Optical Switch, 1x4 1x8 1x10 1x12 1x16 Optical Switch, 4X4 8X8 12X12 16X16 Optical Switch, 2x4 Optical Switch Module, 1x32 1x64 1X128 Optical Switch, Optical Switch Module, Benchtop Optical Switch, Rack-mounted Optical Switch. MagLight Switch Series: 1x16 High Speed optical switches, 1x8 1x16 Maglight Switches, 1x4 solid-state optical switches, 2x2 Add/Drop Maglight Switches, 2x2 Crossbar Maglight Switches, 1x1 1x2 MagLight fiber Optic Switches, 1x1 1x2 MagLight Switch MEMS Optical Switches Series: (in following single mode and multi-mode, Latching and Non-latching MEMS Switches) 4x4~64x64 MEMS Optical Switches, 1X24 1x64 MEMS Optical Switches, MEMS 1X1 1X2 2x2 Optical Switches, MEMS 2X2 4x4 Optical Switches, MEMS 1X4 1X6 Optical Switches, MEMS 1X8 1X10 Optical Switches, MEMS 1X12 1X13 Optical Switches, MEMS 1X16 1x32 Optical Switches PM (polarization maintaining) Optical Switches Series: 1x1/1X2 PM Optical switches, 1x4/1X8 PM Optical switches, 1x10/1X12 PM Optical switches, 1x16/1X24 PM Optical switches, 1x32/1X64 PM Optical switches, 1x128 PM Optical switches, 2X2/2X4 PM Optical switches, 2X8/2X10 PM Optical switches, 4X4/8X8 PM Optical switches, 10X10/12X12 PM Optical switches, 16X16/24X24 PM Optical switches, Broadband Light Source Series: (Types:desk-top, Module, Rack-mount, Benchtop, Tunable Wavelength, output power: 0 dBm = 1 mW , 10 dBm = 10 mW , 13 dBm = 20 mW, 14 dBm = 25 mW , 15 dBm = 32 mW , 16 dBm = 40 mW , 17 dBm = 50 mW, 20 dBm = 100 mW, 30 dBm = 1000 mW = 1W, GFF=Gain Flattening Filter, NO GFF=NO Gain Flattening Filter) SLED Light Source-532nm/650nm/750nm/800nm, Super Wide Spectrum Light Source, Exceed Broadband SLED Light Source, SLED Broadband Light source, 840/880nm SLED Broadband Source, 840/880nm SLED Light Sources, SLED optical Source-820nm/850nm, SLED optical light source-1000/1180/1260nm, SLED Broadband Source-800~1060nm, 1550nm SLED laser source, 1050nm SLED Broadband Source, SLED Light Source Module(Benchtop Desk-top), Broadband Light source-ASE/SLED/SLD/LED/ELED/DFB, Super WideBand Light Source 1480~2000nm, ASE Broadband Light Source, ASE C-Band light Source, ASE L-Band light Sources, ASE C&L-Band light Source, ASE 1050nm Light Source, 1310/1550nm ASE Light Source, 1900/2000nm ASE Light Source, 980nm DFB laser source-650/750/1053/1060nm, DFB Laser diode Light Source, CWDM DFB Laser Diode, CWDM Laser Diode Source-1270-1610nm 4/8/10/12/16/18 Channels, DWDM DFB Laser source, Tunable DFB Laser Sources-1310/1550/1480nm, 1310/1550nm Laser Source, 1480nm Laser Source, Fiber Laser Source-1310/1550nm, LED light source-850nm, 1310/1550nm LED light sources, 1064nm Pulse Laser Source, Pulse Light Source-980/1310/1550nm, 1310/1550/1480nm FP laser source, Narrow Linewidth Laser Source-10/100/500KHz/1/3/10MHz, Pump laser Source, High Power Light Source, Multimode Light Sources-850/1310/1550nm, 13dBm 20mv Broadband Light Source-0/10/17/20dBm, SLD Broadband Light Source, PLC Splitter/Fused Coupler/AWG , 1x3 Couplers/splitter, 1x4 Wideband Couple/splitter , 1x3 1x4 1x8 1x16 1x32 Splitter, 1x2/2x2 Optical Coupler, 1x2/2x2 Splitter Couple , In-line Isolator , Pigtailed Isolators
Contact Details:
Street Address: Factory Address: C-1703, JiaNanMeiDi, Shennan Road 12031 With Nanxin Road Converged,Nantou,Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518052, China
City: 深圳
Province: 广东
Zip: 518052
Phone Number: 18218361963
Website: http://www.anfiber.com/
Category: Electrical Outlets & PlugsElectrical Product Agent
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