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What size bag it this?
October 2, 2018, Reply Reply
your price lists,on all the products you carry time it take to ship and MOQ, I will be waiting on your quick respond Thank you. Patrick
January 18, 2018, Reply Reply
how can i get these for low wholesale prices.
November 7, 2017, Reply Reply
Me gusta el bolso. Desearia saber cuanto me costaría comprarlo. Envío España . Pago Credit Card o PayPal. Gracias
September 28, 2017, Reply Reply
Hi, Do you have MCM and LV bags?? TY/ Cheryl
September 16, 2017, Reply Reply
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Kindly send me your catalog and contact me through WhatsApp: 00971556009993
May 14, 2017, Reply Reply
how much to send to me chanel bag
April 5, 2017, Reply Reply
Interested in price to ship to me in Florida. Cost . Selection
April 5, 2017, Reply Reply
I am opening up a store and would love to buy some items from you in bulk. How can I buy?
March 29, 2017, Reply Reply
how can i buy this bag and let me know if you have aliexpress account
September 5, 2016, Reply Reply