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Hello, can you offer me this type of underwear in diffrent colors? What is the minimum amout you are selling? What is the prize? Thank You from Germany Henrik
December 30, 2018, Reply Reply
I am interested in both belts... can I use my debit card with a visa logo to make the purchase immediately... I need these in time for Christmas... Are they in decent condition???
December 1, 2018, Reply Reply
Hi, how do I purchase your products?
December 28, 2017, Reply Reply
I like to buy a couple Gucci scarves for Christmas. Can you Give A wholesale price. Email me a list and prices of your products. My Email: *****
November 8, 2017, Reply Reply
please send details to purchase.
September 6, 2017, Reply Reply
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What type of payments do you accept?
July 28, 2017, Reply Reply
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Hello wath is your website so i can check the short jeans.
February 2, 2017, Reply Reply
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